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This is the person that coordinators can contact should we have questions.

Job Shadow Info

A descriptive name of the job that will be shadowed. If it will be more than one job or a department this should reflect it. Something like: Director of Marketing, Engineering Department, Executive Office, Sales Tour

As much information as possible to get the students excited about your opportunity.

How many students can you host on After COVID restrictions? Ideally 5 - 10 students +.

What category do you feel best fits the experience students will explore at your firm?

Accounting / Finance
Advertising / Graphic Design
Architecture / Interior Design
Automotive / Repair
Broadcast / Journalism / Media / Photography
Business / Sales / Marketing
Construction / Development
Education / Administration / Teaching
Engineering / Technology / Programming
Environment / Nature / Services
Fire / Police / Public Safety
Government / Legal
Healthcare / Medical
Non-Profit / Charity
Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy / Chiropractic Therapy
Real Estate
Research / Space / Life Sciences
Retail / Salon / Design / Restaurant / Hospitality
Theater / Arts

Person who will supervise the students during the 3-4 hour visit. This is the person the students will contact upon arrival.

Time the students should arrive. Ie, 09:30 AM

Time the students should arrange for pick up from your location. Ie, 04:30 PM

What door, entrance, building should the students meet the host?

Is there a dress requirement the student should be aware of?

Should they bring something? Ie, wear special clothing, be prepared for anything or provide anything? Not be allergic to something (Veterinary)?

We will provide and eat lunch with the students
We will have lunch with the students, they should bring a bag lunch.
We will have lunch with the students, they should be prepared to buy lunch.
They provide their own lunch.
No lunch provided.

Other Information

Which best describes your affiliation with LGHS?

None of the above

Help us focus our outreach to areas that generated the most interest.